I had speaking and listening sessions for about half a year. Saniya’s way of teaching was very methodological and logical. She helped me give up my bad writing habits: use online translator. I also made a big progress in my speaking test as I followed Saniya’s advice: organize my sentence. She is a wonderful teacher!
The team at Connect is experienced and very professional. They guided me towards choosing my postgraduate degree from USA. The entire process was smoothly conducted and I was assisted every step of the way. Not only was I helped with finding the right course to suit my career goals, they also helped me make my university application strong. I received an offer letter and was also given a $10,000 scholarship from the University of Delaware, which was my preferred university.
My experience with Connect Counseling was terrific. They helped me through my entire application for Monash University, Australia, and I got an unconditional packaged offer for MUFY and Bachelors in Psychology. I also received help for my IELTS test registration and preparation for the Speaking session. I am very satisfied with the services I received from them and recommend you to try them as well!
The connect team is fantastic. Saniya is the compassionate academic counsellor you wish you had in school. I was rusty with my academic skills and occupied with my job when I was applying for my Masters program. I was having trouble getting out the right application which would portray an accurate picture of myself and make me stand out amongst the other applicants. Saniya helped me not only shortlist the universities that best matched my academic and social goals, but also steered me to the right programs. She then guided me in getting my resume, documents and credentials in order. However most important was our session where we spoke about my achievements, goals, aspirations and other things which were essential for writing my personal statements, essays and writing samples. Saniya was always there for me as a mentor whether I needed a nudge or a head on collision. Thanks to her I got selected for a Masters program at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the prestigious Chevening scholarship.
Having Ms. Saniya as my educational counsellor was one of the best decisions of my life. She has helped immensely in making the process of college applications less daunting. Not only does she go out of her way in making the transition easy for her students but she also responds to messages instantly during any time of the day no matter how silly it may be.One of her best qualities is that she guides her students towards the right direction, (giving tips on how to improve as well), and encourages her students to believe in themselves and shoot for the stars.
I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning how to write college essays, Saniya is the person to go to. She is skillful, humble, passionate, teaches from personal experience and has very high education. She is excited to show you the way to improve your writing and all other English skills. When I was completing my Masters degree in Australia, I was lucky to get a private tutor, editor and proofreader like Saniya. She is always helpful and committed to achieve success.
I really enjoyed my experience with Connect as their team is very efficient and professional in the way they handle everything. From helping me apply and give my IELTS exam, to guiding me into writing my first resume, the Connect team has been wonderful and determined to make me excel in everything. I was able to get into my first option for university in Melbourne too and I hope to keep working with them in the future.
I am truly blessed to have Miss Saniya as my mentor. She has helped me throughout my academic years and encouraged me to pass through all the obstacles that came my way. She helped me register and prepare for the UKVI IELTS test which I needed to gain admission in a UK college. She is a dedicated counsellor and I was lucky to have her guidance all the way.